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Do you agree that the events in the Moscow theatre require an independent international investigation?
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"Nord-Ost" – Three years later

The investigation never determined those who were guilty of the crime, but it did find out what the real meaning of a “successful” operation was, and how to “preserve Russia’s authority in the international arena.” How can one not be appalled by such blasphemy? A nation’s image is supported by a mountain of corpses, the corpses of its own peaceful citizens?!

A crime without a punishment – very attractive for a repeat performance. Information concerning the events at Dubrovka has proved to be an atomic bomb whose critical mass has been surpassed and explodes, initiating a chain of terrorist acts. Whose apogee was Beslan. The government’s “political expedient” turned out to be more “weighty” than the lives of a thousand of its citizens.“The Beslan terror act was an attack on the entire nation,”- said President Putin. And so, these children were modern versions of World War II soldier Alex Matrosov, defending the ”integrity” of the government who so mercilessly sold out the little heroes.

The lie, wrapped up in a state secret and privatized by the Kremlin, is the result of a three-year investigation into the events at ”Nord-Ost” By not daring to prove that the storming of the theater was absolutely necessary, “the bassmanniy court Triple Your Traffic” revealed thе truth about this senseless “successful operation” and the monstrosity of the governmental crime.

Cynicism arising from the investigation into Beslan and the ensuing judicial “show”, wherein the key figures remained behind the scenes and tried to remain anonymous, the web of dirty lies into which the authorites together with the ”uninformed” president got stuck, has forced people who lost those they held most dear to contact the world community and ask for political asylum. Such is Russia’s authority, Mr. President!! Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQp1WbNxX0g

The terror acts’ lessons:

Community: hostage of authorities who are unable to guarantee their right to life, while an “independent” court which is but an obedient instrument of illegal acts.

Regime: in their fight against terrorism “all methods are fair” - grenade launchers and tanks, gas and school children, secret goverment investigations and a monstrous cynicism.

Terrorists: in answer to Putin’s order to “kill them everywhere”, they demolish and murder without any thought about the size of their barbarism, victims – whether children at school or a theater audience.

President: his special status under the constitution exempts him from lawsuits, and his "lie in order to rescue” are the best means get out of sticky situations.

Victims: the authorities’ part in the tragedies, and the non-objective character of the investigations, rule out any possibilty of learning the truth .The government do not wish to confess their non-professionalism, their mistakes. “We cannot change the past. We have only the power to change the future into one that our children deserve.” These are the words of Osetian Elbrus Tetdotov, whose ten year-old son Timur was killed at Beslan. Condense a rural wisdom concerning the collective responsibility, and goal in life, those who did not fall between the grindstones of the government mill.

"Nord-Ost" and Beslan should be subjects of an international investigation. Such crimes have no statute of limitations! "Do not ask, for whom the bell tolls". It tolls for thee.